What Is com.android.server.telecom and How Is It Used?

by John Smith
What is com.android.server.telecom Server

An easily understandable answer to what is com android server telecom? Is that if you want to operate a call on an android phone, the android server telecom framework or operating system manages it for you. This framework consists of Sim-based calls by the VOIP-based calls. The third-party VOIP and the telephony framework utilize the SIP framework or the Third-party VOIP framework to include SIM-based calls.

The android telecom server framework using other third-party frameworks works like the audio focus, routing calls, switchboard connections in between offered by the connection service implementations, and the in-call service implementations.

Moreover, providing a switchboard in between connections also avails you of a user interface for offering or receiving calls. Thus, let’s proceed to know more about com.android.server.telecom.

What is com.android.server.telecom?

Android server telecom framework is well-known for allowing users to initiate audio or video calls on the android phone. This helps by doing implementations of the API connection service. That deals with in-call service and connection service components in the implementation.

Thereby, the connection service of API work to manage connection calls with the other party by using the VOIP third-party medium. Moreover, the most general implementation of connection service on an android device is the Telephony connection service.

The Telephony Service avails you to make and connect your calls. Right while this occurs to provide a user interface for calls, an in-call service implementation works with it, and calls get managed by the Android Server Telecom. Further, it helps a caller to monitor and interact using calls by all these.

what is android server telecom

So, to get more in-depth information, here are a few cases of calls using Android Server Telecom to operate precisely. Just look below for more:

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Providing Implementations to the Self-Managed Service API Connection:

In case you are the type of person who doesn’t like to see your call details in the default phone application, this function is ideal for you. Using this choice, you will be able you keep your selected calls hidden and will not show call details on the user interface.

Moreover, by implementing the self-managed connection service, you will be able to interoperate the native telephony calls on your device as well as the other standalone calling applications. Further, you can also use the service API for audio focus and audio routing.

Avails to Implement Managed Connection API Calling Service:

Do you want to build a calling function for yourself? Then you can get ahead with this. Generally, the managed connection service API is dependable on the preinstalled android application. This offers the ideal user interface for calls like SIP calling, VOIP calling, and so on. Though you can only proceed to connect calls using the Connection API service as it doesn’t associate with the user interface.

Easily Implements In-call Service API:

If you require an API service that can simply enable the advancement of the application that will replace the device’s existing Dialer apk. Thereby, unlike the default app, you can select this as it is fairly associated with the user interface and cannot make callings.

With relying on the interface, it is capable of handling the calls is the server Telecom Framework. Moreover, it doesn’t determine the call nature like SIM-base connection service. Lastly, it never enforces or implements any restrictions for audio calls or video calls.

Effectuating In-Call Service Along with Connection Service API:

To develop an API for making service-based calling along with a complete interface, this implementation is perfect. Therefore, you can go for it without hesitation since it will allow you to make other phone calls visible in the user interface.

However, you need to make sure that the in-call service will not inspect the source of any showed calls. Furthermore, making sure the connection service API will operate the telecom without any custom caller app in connection service.

Can I uninstall com.android.server.telecom?

what is com android server telecom

You already know from what is com.android.server.telecom that android server telecom is a built-in caller function. Therefore, there is no way you can uninstall com.android.server.telecom. Thereby, if you uninstall this in-built caller service, you will not be able to make any calls.

Regardless of simple Sim-based calls or VOIP Internet connection calls, you won’t be able to process either. That’s why Do Not Even Try to Uninstall com.android.server.telecom.

To be clearer with the caller concept let’s know about the calls that are connected by Android Server Telecom:

  • Availing Voice over Internet Protocol or VOIP calls using Internet service.
  • Managing Active calls and other incoming calls in between.
  • Making SIM-based calls with the cellular connection service provider.
  • Checking the call type (audio or video call).
  • Engaging other calls using in-call network issue/network busy.
  • Uses connection interface to allow camera action of mobile phone for a certain type of call.

So, without com android server telecom, your phone won’t be able to be responsible for any type of calls or interactions.

Difference between Android Incallui and Android server telecom

Android Incallui vs Android server telecom

Here are some significant differences between incallui and server telecom of android.

  • The main difference between android incallui and com android server telecom is that the server telecom processes the caller Operating system under the command of Incallui.
  • When a user dials a dome number to make a call, the android incallui will translate the numbers into a binary number. After that, send the binary data to the caller operating system.
  • From that point, android server telecom will take over, then let the system know the numbers dialed by the user and use the connection interface to make a call.
  • Thus, android server telecom becomes responsible for making and connecting all types of calls.

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As I got many questions from technology lovers about what is com android server telecom or if one can uninstall server telecom and so on.

I tried my best to offer the easiest guidelines and explanations for those enthusiast gadget freak people. Thereby, now you know that android server telecom is one of the essential parts of the android operating system controlling everything regarding calls. Thus, do try to do the impossible and mess with this.

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