7 Ways to Fix Snapchat Loading Screen Error

by John Smith

Do you see a snap loading screen error? It’s a common problem that anyone on the Snapchat app can face. Snapchat is an American texting app that brings people closer worldwide. It’s an instant messaging application but offers lots. People can chat and talk both in audio and video. So they can share their special moments with loved ones. It’s fun to use the app as well.

The people want to present themselves in a different way than Snapchat is for them. There are many filters so that anyone can take a picture of himself. They can make videos as well using the filters. Besides sharing stories of any kind, people can learn anything quickly.

Moreover, it is free to download for anyone and available for all software. Apart from this, the application may cause trouble sometimes. The app user faces various problems while operating the app. One of them is the Snapchat loading screen issue. But no need to be hyper on that. We will discuss it in detail here.

Why Is Snapchat Stuck On Loading Screen?

Is your screen showing a loading sign? Is there any message tap to load? Then you are having a screen error problem. The Snapchat screen stuck suddenly. This problem is solved on its own usually.

But many times, it won’t be solved on its own. Then it has to be fixed. It’s simple to have but an annoying issue for all users. People search videos for how to solve screen loading problems. Search online for information about what causes it and everything. Many users complain to Snapchat’s official page for frequent having this trouble.

Well, this issue can be solved if anyone knows what’s causing it. There are lots of situations that could make it happen. The issues are below:

  1. Slow internet or server.
  2. Backdated snapchat app.
  3. Snapchat server problem.
  4. Full of external storage.
  5. Device software problem.

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This is really disturbing when Snapchat does not load after multiple tapping. Sometimes we are on important video calls, meetings, making any videos or other stuff. That creates an unusual problem and wastes our time. Therefore, we have talked about the issue below in detail. We have shown how to deal with them as well.

Snapchat Loading Screen Issue

7 Ways to Fix Snapchat Loading Screen Error

Users complain about snap loading issues frequently. But it is not a major problem. If anyone knows the problem, they can easily fix it. We have found out a couple of possible problems. Have a glance at them how to solve it:

1. Restart Your Device

Mobile phones can be stuck at any time. Applications can be stopped responding. And this is a very common issue for phone users. That usually happens for a long time phone use most of the time. So, restart your device if Snapchat is stuck or hanged.

You can reboot your mobile instead of restarting. This way, the phones function again and start responding. Press the power button and volume down and up button at the same time. Rebooting will begin. Then leave it for a few minutes. When your phone restarts, tap on Snapchat. Hope, your problem will be solved.

2. Check Internet Connection

Poor internet connection makes users suffer. Not only Snapchat but also any other application might stop working. Users need excellent net connectivity for smooth operating. If the signal is poor or has no net connection, Snapchat may show loading errors. Then make sure there is an internet connection.

Restart your router or disconnect your phone with a net and connect again. The Snapchat page will load. Usually, if there is a problem with the server, that causes a poor signal. Talk to your network provider in this case. On the other hand, buy an MB/GB package if you use data. Check internet balance or connect with a mobile data connection.

3. Update Snapchat App

Always being updated. Update your mobile application for the fastest operating. The update application comes with numerous features. Make spending time on Snapchat more enjoyable. Therefore, update your software right away. Check any updates on Google play store or Apple store. If your update notification is off, you find a notification about it.

So, turn on the notification option for any update available. If it is available, tap to update. It will take a few moments to update. You can clear your storage by deleting some unnecessary files or apps. The Updated version needs more space to download. After the update, the Snap loading screen error will be fixed.

4. Clear Cache of Snapchat App

When you install Snapchat, the cache begins to store all data on the device. So, when the storage is full, the app stops responding. You need to clear the cache. There are two methods to remove the cache. Have a look at them below:

  • Go to the phone settings and look for Apps.
  • Find out Snapchat in the list of the apps.
  • Click on the app if you find it.
  • Tap the app’s storage.
  • Then tap to clear the cache.

You can do it from the Snapchat settings as well. Let’s see the procedure below:

  • Click on the installed Snapchat.
  • Click on the profile icon top corner of the left side.
  • Scroll down and search the settings option.
  • Click on the option (gear icon).
  • Then, find the clear cache. It is usually located under Accounts.

5. Turn off the Data Saver

Data saver is a great option for mobile users. It saves data from unnecessary usage. But this leads to many errors on Snapchat. Such as loading screen, message not sent, etc. So, you have to turn off the option. Let the app be run without interruption. Data saver restricts applications from being operating.

The reason is the apps usually keep functioning all the time. It is notified, updates are shown, texts pop up, etc. It consumes lots of mobile data. The data saver protects that, but many apps cannot work. Snapchat is one of them, and you may find error messages.

6. Check for Snapchat Functioning Servers

Snapchat has millions and billions of users around the world. There is lots of teamwork to keep the application running properly. But it is unpredictable how the app works and how it responds.

Not everything goes as planned as well. So, it is a Snapchat application server issue. If you face such things, visit their official page and complain to them. However, the team notifies their users if it arises from their server.

7. Reinstall Snapchat App

After taking all measures described above, you can apply these last tricks. Sometimes applications don’t respond for no reason. Then reinstall them without thinking. After that, tap to load snapchat.

Most of the time, apps work. When an app reinstalls or installs, it usually downloads the updated version. So, the old version is sometimes too outdated. It doesn’t work instruction-wise. After reinstalling the application, the screen loading issue will be resolved.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s):

Why is my Snapchat screen not loading?

There might be many reasons behind it not loading the Snapchat screen. That could be a poor internet issue, full storage, update available, etc. If your device has any problem, that can hamper it as well. Try the above steps one by one to fix it.

Why is my Snapchat taking forever to load?

A low internet connection causes this lengthy loading process. It could be either for a poor server or the internet. Restart the router if you are using WIFI. Then turn off the device net connection and on again. For smooth running, you need a good internet signal.

How do I fix the tap to load on Snapchat?

There are many possible ways to fix the tap to load on Snapchat. Turn off the data saver option or clear cache. And then check the internet connection or data package. Besides, make sure the phone is not in the flight mood. That can lead to screen loading too.

How do you fix the glitch on Snapchat?

Easily one can fix any glitch on Snapchat. First, check the internet connection. Then see whether any update is available on the play store. Update or reinstall the app if necessary. Always keep off the data saver option and clear cache for interrupted operating.


You already know the reason of snap loading screen error. Read the above method carefully and choose the one that is compatible with your situation. After applying any of these processes, your screen loading problem will be solved. If not, then try some other option as well.

Such as removing and adding the friends again. This is the time required, but it works. You can clear chats/text, photos, videos, etc also. Clear conversation helps to run the app properly. It removes junk and empty storage. Then, open the app and resume your work. I hope that the screen loading problem will vanish. Whenever it appears, go through these tips and tricks.

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