How to Send a PDF via Text Message on Android? Quick Ways

by John Smith

PDF files are reliable and a great way to send important files through reading only or download mode to other people. Most of us may like to use our Android phones for various purposes. Sometimes we need to send essential PDF files. Using an Android device to send PDF files via text message will be better.

So, how can I send PDF files to my android phone? You can send a PDF via text message on an Android device. However, it is possible via email, some file-sharing apps, etc. Here, I will let you all the possible ways to send PDF files as text SMS on Android smartphones.

Can You Send PDF Through Text on Android?

Technically it is possible to send a PDF via text message on Android. But when you attach a PDF file to the text message, it becomes a multimedia message. So, if your phone can load the full PDF file, you can send it as MMS. But in some cases, for a large file, some phones block the process.

However, you can send the link of your PDF file as a text SMS via your Android device. Besides, if you can send MMS with an attached file, you can also send a PDF file with the MMS. So, there are still some ways to send PDF files as text messages on smartphones.

How to Send a PDF via Text on Android?

These are easy ways to send PDF files via text message on an Android device. I hope these will help you when you need to send a PDF file immediately to a person. As your mobile device has a limitation of size, you can use a PDF compressor app to make the PDF file shorter. However, let’s learn the ways.

Method 1: Send PDF file as a text message

  • Go to text or message on your Android device. Then, select the text as SMS.
  • Now, find the paperclip icon on the message box.
  • Tap the paperclip icon—select upload to upload and select your PDF file. Besides, you can upload the file by typing or pasting the URL of the PDF. After uploading the file, press the blue button that indicates Send.
send a pdf vis mms
  • Now you send the file. However, it will appear to the recipient as a link. Then they have to download or view the document online.

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Method 2: Send PDF file as MMS.

This process is very similar to the process of sending PDF files as SMS. But the recipient will not receive the file as a hyperlink. It contains the physical file within the SMS. When he clicks on the file, it will appear within the message, and the receiver can save it like a photo he saves. Now follow the few steps below:

  • Go to the text message option on your phone.
how to text a pdf on samsung
  • Now you should select the type as MMS.
android attach pdf to text message
  • Then select the paperclip icon on the text box.
can i attach a pdf to a text
  • Now click the upload button to select and upload your PDF file. You can also copy the link. After uploading the file, click the blue send button.
can you send pdf through text
  • Now get the PDF file as a direct file in the message. You don’t need an internet connection to see the file. Just click on it.
how to send pdf through text

Besides those processes, there are applications available through which you can send PDF files easily on Android. You have some ways to send PDF files to others on the phone. But the described ways are to send PDF files via text message on Android devices. So, if necessary, try the ways.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can you text a PDF to Android?

Yes, you can text a PDF to Android. If you’re using the built-in Android messaging app, you can attach a PDF to your message just like any other type of file. Alternatively, many apps allow you to send PDFs as text messages, such as Send Anywhere and File Locker.

How do I attach a PDF file to a text message?

To attach a PDF file to a text message, open the PDF in your preferred app and tap the Share button. Select Messages from the share menu and choose the contact you want to send the PDF to. Tap Send to attach the PDF to your text message.

How do I send a document via text message?

You can attach the document to an email and send it to the recipient’s phone number with the email address as the username. Another way is to use a file-sharing service like Dropbox or Google Drive. Finally, some smartphones have apps that allow you to scan documents and send them as PDFs.

How do I send a PDF file to my phone?

I already shared two methods, which you can follow. Also, there are some ways; first, you can email the PDF to yourself and then open it on your phone. The second option is to upload the PDF to a cloud storage service like Google Drive or Dropbox and then open it on your phone. Third, if the PDF is stored on your computer, you can also connect your phone to your computer and transfer the file over.


Text message PDF files are now a common way to send important documents and files. Android users can easily send a PDF via text or MMS messages by following the instructions provided in this article.

These are the primary ways to send a PDF to your phone. Some require you to email the file, while others require you to upload the file to a cloud storage service or open it on your phone from your computer.

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