Screen Turns Off When Watching Video on Android

by John Smith

screen turns off when watching video androidThe users of Android devices are increasing day by day. The technology, offers, etc. attract the users to have an Android smartphone. But you can face many types of issues with your device such as screen turns off when watching videos on Android devices. However, every problem has its solution. So, do not be a worry. You can try to solve this problem. For this, continue reading the article carefully to get the right solution.

Screen turns off when watching video Android: How to Fix

Before solving a problem, you have to find out the cause of it. But sometimes it is not possible to find out the specific reason. In this case, you have to try different steps to solve the black screen issue. However, when your Android device’s screen turns off while watching the video, you can try several steps. I hope among them, and anyone will solve your problem. So, follow them with attention.

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Turn off the smart screen

Most of the Android smartphone has a smart screen option. However, this depends on the model of the phone. This feature allows the user to turn off the device’s screen, simply waving the hand on the screen. It causes because the device contains a sensitive sensor. As the sensor is sensitive, it mistakes the command with hand waving motion and turns off the screen.

screen turns off while watching video

For this reason, when you watch a video on your Android device, it can turn off. So, if the smart screen setting is on in your device, you should turn it off. For this, go to the Smart Screen option and turn it off.

Change the timeout settings.

You can try another step. Go to the Settings option of your phone. You can search for the Screen timeout option or can find it out under the Display option. Tap on the Screen timeout option. Here you will find several time limits to choose from. From here, select an option. However, you should remember that the longer duration you set, the more your battery life will use.

screen goes black

screen turns off when watching video android

If you cannot solve this problem by doing those steps, you can take some additional steps to solve the issue.

Force restart your device

Sometimes, this problem appears after updating the Android device. As it is an annoying thing, you have to take the necessary steps. Force restart a device can solve some minor problems. So, you can once try it. Hold the Volume key to down and press the Power key and hold it at the same time. When the name of your device appears on the screen, then release the buttons.

Reinstall and reset the video player if it possible

The effective solution is to reset and reinstall the app if you are using a third-party app or a pre-installed video player. Clear the cache file of this app. If the problem does not fix, you can now reinstall the application.

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Reset all the Settings or master reset your device

If you find that the problem is still on your android phone, you should reset all your phone settings. Then you can also so the master reset of the device. For this, go to an expert to avoid any damages.

Many users complain the screen turns off when watching videos on an Android device. I hope the above solutions will help them to fix the problem. All of them are easy. However, when no one work, try to take your phone to a service center and master reset it.

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