Is Legit? What We Know So Far – Update 2022

by John Smith

Appzilla Vip is an application that allows you to enjoy lots of gaming apps for free. It was first released in 2010 with numerous handy tools. Users liked the app for utilizing lots of amazing apps. Then the updated version launched in 2020, which allows you to unlock paid applications and games.

That’s how users can play game apps and other applications for free. Now the question is, is it legal to download? And also, how safe the app is for a device to download. Well, all question’s answers will be found in this article. Stay with us for all the information.

What is

Appzilla.VIP is a developed version of Appzilla software. This app became popular within a short time. The first version is called all in one app. Any users used to have around 40 tools altogether. Now the tools are built-in on Android and others available on PlayStore. So, it was a great and very useful application. Then, the new edition came up with many exciting features.

Appzilla vip

Have a look at the application features below:

  • The app helps to move other applications external to internal storage.
  • Share applications with other users.
  • Bypass many gaming paid apps for free.
  • Users can make a favorite app list.
  • Unlock many other paid applications.
  • Allows you to enjoy numerous software within one app.
  • Supports all phone software: ios, and android.

Moreover, the app is now available on some websites. It was blocked by many phone companies earlier. Apple deleted the application from the Apple App Store. But the popularity and users demand to bring it back again. However, there are still some risks to having it on your phone that we have discussed below in detail. It is better to avoid the app for data safety. If anyone desperately wants it, they can search for it. We can say install it at your own risk.

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Is Appzilla vip Legit or Not?

People ask “Is Appzilla vip Legit”? How can an app be legit that bypass or unlock paid apps to others for free? It unveils various software that users can have without any cost. So, it is making down well-reputed applications. The app company is losing revenue from users. Therefore, it is not permissible or legit to install. Besides, it is a third-party app. When you first download it, your phone won’t recognize it. By changing the setting, only a user can install it.

The second problem is bypassing. It can bypass a lot of software. Also, it can bypass your phone information at the same time. By installing the application, the app authority has your mobile data. The rest of the risk a user can assume! Usually, the app shows advertising. This way, it earns revenue. So, it is an easy way to get infected by malware. And also, not all phones have the capability to defeat it. Most mobile phones don’t have malware software installed.

It doesn’t even allow browsing the internet comfortably. Adds may pop up suddenly, redirect to other sites, install unknown apps, etc. It may cause phone software and battery life as well. You may not find permission to download the app also.

Apple already removed it from their list. Some websites might have the link to install, but they cannot give a guarantee of safety. The app was banned for many years. Recently it was launched with new features but might be blocked again. We suggest not to download any untrusted and illegal apps.

Is Appzilla vip Legal

Why Should You Download Appzilla.VIP or Not?

Many users find it an attractive app to install. It allows downloading gaming apps. Such as Cash App, Zen Rewards, Coin Master, ISP, etc. Users can have unlocked paid versions of any feature of a game. So, it’s a bad reputation for any gaming application. Organizers and developers are hampered financially.

On the other hand, the Appzilla Vip runs many advertisements. Ads may pop up while operating the application. The company earns money by showing ads. But this can lead to a thread for a device in many ways. For example, unknown apps can be downloaded, redirected to URLs, etc.

Therefore, this app is not 100% safe to install. Even more, it is known as a browser hijacker. Your saved data and other valuable information may be leaked anytime. If possible, avoid downloading this app for safety issues. Try to buy a gaming feature for your favorite game. Play and operate any application legally.

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Is Appzilla vip Safe?

It’s not completely safe because you don’t know what kind of app is installed on your device. You can install an app that is injected viruses or malware to spy on you or collect your personal information. That’s why I always download mobile applications or games from Google PlayStore or AppleStore.

In addition, Appzilla injected many ads on these applications. When you use or play these apps and games, automatically, it will show these ads. Sometimes we click on these ads accidentally and install some non-verified apps or games, which could be bad for our device.


Find some other application that is legit and has permission to use it. There are many apps like Appzilla Vip, for instance, Tweak. Try these legit apps to enjoy gaming and other applications. These apps have the same feature as App zilla software.

But from an ethical view, it is not fair to bypass any app. Especially the paid one. Users may be happy to get everything without cost, but it deprives others. Even it won’t do well with your device either. So, make decisions wisely. If you have a little knowledge about technical issues, avoid it. Otherwise, you cannot solve it.

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