How to Get Free Legendary in Clash Royale? Easy Tricks

by John Smith

Rather than spending money to buy Legendary Cards in Clash Royale, simply learn how to get free legendary in Clash Royale. Clash Royale Cards are the only way out for deploying towers, buildings, troops, and spells onto the battlefield.

Well, you must already know that it’s quite rare to find a legendary through the finding Chests.  Moreover, you mostly need to purchase legendary cards with free gems, Exilers, or gold coins. Or you can use the Free Legendary Chest events to win some quite rare cards.

Regarding that, please don’t be so downhearted. I will show you how to get more free Legendary Cards in Clash Royale. So, follow my lead to know all the ways of how to get a free legendary chest in Clash Royale.

How to Get Free Legendary in Clash Royale:

The Clash Royale, developed by supercell, is a strategic battle game between multiple players. Therefore, this game has so many cool features that unlockable Cards are the most fascinating.

Clash Royale Cards are pretty amazing as each type of card has different and unique abilities and features to help perform in battles. Moreover, these cards not only strategically deploy and manage the troops, towers, spells they also defend your buildings.

Also, they play an important role to increase your character’s health and damage statistics by approximately 10% per level. So, let’s know the types of Cards available in Clash Royale.

how to get legendary in Clash Royale

Types of Cards in Clash Royale Video Games!

Clash Royale games have three primary types of cards to cast on battlefields. These are:

  1. Troops – These cards can move back and forth and attack opponents (Exception: Miner, Goblin Drill).
  2. Spells – The temporary cards can be cast anywhere on the battleground.
  3. Buildings – These cards are stationery and defend your towers.

Apart from the main cards, there are a total of five Cards Rarity with unique power within the different levels of ranges.

The five Clash Royale cards of rarity:

  1. Common Cards (Greg/Pale Colored) – consists of 14 different levels (from 1 to level 14).
  2. Rare Cards (Orange Colored) – consists of 12 different levels (from level 3 to level 14).
  3. Epic Cards (Purple Colored) – consists of 9 different levels (from level 6 to level 14).
  4. Legendary Cards (Rainbow Colored) – consists of 6 different levels (from level 9 to level 14).
  5. Champion Cards (Yellow Colored) – consists of 4 different levels (from level 11 to level 14).

Clash Royale How to Get Legendary Free – Get Legendary Cards

The battle fights of Clash Royale are mostly strategic and straightforward. Therefore, the main and rarity cards easily make you defeat opponent teams and let you climb top tier levels.

Well, all these processing are not too complicated, but they can be quite challenging. That’s why it is better to make up some solid strategies and manage Exiler/Cards on the battlefield to gain victory.

Further, you must’ve heard the myth good around the Clash Royale players about requiring Legendary cards to win many battles. To some point, it is TRUE, but you can always use some alternative strategies, cards as a pro player.

Thereby, without going around to the alternative ways, let’s proceed to how to get Legendary Chest in Clash Royale.

Clash Royale How to Get Legendary Free

Easiest Ways to Get Legendary Cards in Clash Royale

There are many ways to cheat in Clash Royale. So, if you want to get Legendary cards freely, the steps are here for you should follow-

Increase Levels & Earn Many Trophies:

If you can avail more than 3000 trophies while your game level is above 7, you’ll get into the Legendary Tier. In this tier, all the legendary cards will be available to you in the shop, and you can use gems and gold coins to buy them.

Apart from that, when you get to the Royal Arena almond with 2000 trophies, you will avail yourself legendary chest in the shop’s chest cycle section. Moreover, as the King’s Chest will get upgraded to the Legendary Chests, the chances become more.

In short, to get legendary chests for free, win battle fights, daily open chests, upgrade your locked cards, and donate or sell your unwanted cards. You will get gems, golds, and legendary cards with all these.

Join a High-Level Clan:

You can simply participate in the war clans after you reach level 8. On each Collection Day of the week, you can earn 3 clan cards by playing against opponents using your main cards.

Further, you can create your own War Deck by utilizing the clan cards. After that, you can participate in one War battle on War Day and be sure to win that. If you can gain victory in the War Day in most of the War Session, you can achieve clan trophies to proceed on the Clan Leagues.

If your clan actively participates in the War session, you will win War Chest based on your clan rank. In addition, using the War chest will help you start a War (your clan must consist of at least 10 participants). Thus, winning and achieving 1 rank in the War League will get you the prize of Legendary Card.

Actively Participate in Battles:

The more you battle, the more you will receive victory. And if you never lose for 2 Chest cycles, you will win a Legendary Chest along with the guaranteed Legendary Card.

To be more precise, each chest you can win in Clash Royale is comes from one Chest Cycle. Therefore, Clash Royale has a total of 240 Chests in a single Chest cycle. Further, after every 2 Chest cycles, you will go to the Royal Arena, and you need to win every battle there. So, keep winning battles.

Compete Many Challenges:

Every time Clash Royale offers a Legendary Card Chest, it comes with challenges of battles. If you participate and win the challenges, you will absolutely get the Legendary Card for free.

But the challenges are quite difficult; you will have to compete with multiple players and get at least 12 wins. Only then you can achieve the free legendary card. Along with the guaranteed legendary card, you will gain 22000 golds as well.

Finish All the Ongoing/Upcoming Quests:

The quests of the Clash Royale game are like daily in-game tasks you should complete. However, completing the everyday quest will get your hands too so many rewards and Legendary Card.

The quests include the tasks like opening 10 chests, giving away 4 Rarity Cards, buying cards using Exilers, and many more. Well, you can skip competing quests for 24 hours without any penalty.

Open All Chests Regularly:

There is a high possibility of any chests containing Legendary cards like Giant, Silver, Gold, Crown, Open, Clan, or Magical Chests.

Further, there is no opening time limit, and you will directly progress o the next chest after opening and earn in one. So, don’t waste even a tiny chance of winning a Legendary card for free.

How to Get Legendary in Clash Royale

Here are some other Clash Royale Chests tasks with points value –

  • Golden Chest Quest – 50 points.
  • Lightning Chest Quest – 250 points.
  • Giant & Magical Chest Quest – 300 points.
  • Epic Chests Quest – 350 points.
  • Legendary Chest Quest – 400 points.
  • Legendary King’s & Mega Lightning Chest Quest – 500 points.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s):

What are the chances of getting a legendary in clash Royale?

As of the most recent update, the odds of getting a legendary are slightly better. However, there are still several variables that can alter that probability. For instance, if your player level is higher than four, the chances of getting a legendary grow exponentially.

Which legendary IS BEST IN clash Royale?

Which legendary card is the best to win in Clash Royale? Well, there are many opinions on this question. Some believe that Prince – the Dark Rider is the best legendary while others might prefer to use an upgraded P. E. K. K. A. See these: 

1. Mega Knight.
2. Sparky.
3. Inferno Dragon.
4. Lumberjack.
5. Princess.
6. Ram Rider.
7. Fisherman.
8. Royal Ghost.

If you’re still unsure, it’s probably wise to try both and see which one suits your playstyle best.

Can you get any legendary from any arena?

Currently, you are only able to get legendary cards if you have opened them in arena 6. It is also possible to get them from chests, but that is not the easiest way. Additionally, you can get them from challenges that are specific to their rarity or just by fighting the duel mode with the player who has the card you need.

What is the easiest way to get legendary cards in clash Royale?

Getting legendary cards in Clash Royale game is not as hard as one would think. One of the most basic ways to get a legendary card is through winning battles that involve epic or legendary cards. Another way is by opening chests, which may also provide players with such cards. Lastly, players can also purchase legendary cards with gems.

Final Words:

Now, you finally know of many options of how to get red legendary in Clash Royale. Therefore, we told you all the easiest and simplest ways out there you can use to get a free Legendary Card.

There are many pro players regularly trying these methods to get Legendary Chests or other alternative powerful cards to progress in-game fast.

We hope you will be able to use these tips for winning. By the way, that is how to get a free legendary chest in Clash Royale. Also, the good news is that soon we will also provide you with alternative ways to win and achieve more from Clash Royale.

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