How to Fix Blurry Videos on Android? Easy Tips

by John Smith
how to fix blurry video

Nowadays, people create and use videos on their smartphones for various purposes. Record videos during the enjoyable moments are now easier for Android smartphones. However, we do not want to share blurry videos on the social network. So, you need to know how to fix blurry videos on Android, but it is not easy.

While recording a video, you should move smoothly and keep the camera stable. But this is not enough for a better quality video. For this, you need to remove the burry of your video. However, there are several ways to do this work.

The causes of blurry videos on Android

Sometimes we asked the questions why do iPhone videos send blurry to android or send blurry videos android to android. There are several reasons why videos are always blurry. You can easily take steps to fix blurry videos on an Android device when you know the factors properly. When you shoot the video at high speed, the video can get blurred. Besides, it is essential to hold the mobile properly while taking videos. Otherwise, you will get blurry videos.

Focusing on an object is also another critical factor in the blurriness of videos. Moreover, the low resolution of the camera provides a blurry video. So, adjusting the brightness and resolution is very important for getting clean and clear videos on Android smartphones.

Can I fix blurry videos on Android?

Yes, there are ways to fix blurry videos on Android. When you find a family video that is precious to you but is blurry, you may be upset. It seems a serious problem for you. But you can easily fix the blurriness of your video. If you search for the app or software, you will get a lot of options.

Among them, some apps are very effective to fix blurry videos. But, indeed, you do not get the exact quality like the original one. But you will be satisfied with the repaired video. Most of the apps are very user-friendly. In most cases, you need not any technical knowledge to use the apps to fix blurry videos.

how to fix blurry videos sent to me

How to Fix Blurry Videos on Android?

Several steps are helpful to fix blurry videos on an Android device. These steps are to solve if you face that the videos you are taking are blurry most of the time. Let’s see them.

1. Three Ways to Fix Blurry Videos Via Android Device:

There are some steps that can help to fix blurry videos. You can follow these steps below to fix blurry videos.

Restarting the device:

You may know that restarting a Smartphone can solve many sudden problems with it. Sometimes there are some problems on android phones like hang, the app does not open, etc when we use too much. By restarting the device, we can fix these issues. So if you see blurry videos problem, you can try to restart your phone. But this step is not an exact solution. Then follow the other steps.

Force stop your camera app:

Another easy solution for blurry video is force top your camera app. Go to the Settings option of the mobile. Then enter the Apps option. Under this option, you will see the Application Manager. Here search for the Camera app. Then click the Force Stop to stop the app.

Reboot the device to safe mode:

Just hold the power key of your device. Here, you will get some power options. You have to tap the Power off and tap it frequently until a popup appears saying “Reboot on the Safe Mode”. Then click on the OK. After restart, now try to see that there is any blurry video problem or not.

2. Fix blurry videos with video editing applications

Fortunately, you will find many softwares to fix blurry videos on an Android device. The apps such as Fix Photo Blur, Wondershare Video Repair, Stellar Video Repair, etc. are very popular and effective to remove blurriness from the videos. The apps allow you to select the formats, quality, etc. before starting the repairing process.

However, the steps of fixing the blurry videos by the apps are very much similar. So, it is not necessary to discuss the processes of all apps. But you need to download and install the software to a Mac or Windows computer. Then transfer the videos from your Android phone to the laptop to do the repair process. Now I am going to show you the steps of the job with Wondershare Video Repair software for Android devices. ‘

  • After proper installation of the software, you have to open it on the computer. When the windows of the software appear, you will see several options such as Add Video, Repair video, Save Video, etc.
  • You have to click on Add Video option and add the desired video. In some software, you can add more than one video at a time.
  • Then click on the Video Repair option. When you click it, the repair will start automatically.
  • After completing the step, you can preview the video file. If you are satisfied with the video, you can then tap the Save button to save it.

The file will be saved on the computer. Then you can transfer the file again to your Android device.

why do iphone videos send blurry to android

3. Fix Blurry videos via messaging apps of the third party

Another way is to use messaging apps from the third party to fix blurring videos. Besides, you can also select the video quality as you desire. In this way, you will get better quality videos without any brightness issues. Only two clicks you need to do. At first, choose a video file and then send it via the messaging application. Then edit your video as per your desire. Send the video to your Android phone.

How can I prevent blurry videos?

It’s important to know about how to fix blurry videos sent to me because we don’t like blurry videos. So, yes, you can prevent blurry videos on your Android device by taking several steps. These steps save time and provide better quality videos.

  • It is better to use a filter on your camera while taking video shots.
  • Set the video record quality high. However, you can do it from the Video Quality option of the camera menu. You can set it to 1080p or HD format to get crystal clear videos.
  • Clear the camera lens properly because getting proper light is essential to get better quality videos.
  • Besides, you can go to the setting of the camera menu. Then disable the Picture Stabilization option.


I try to provide you the ways to fix the blurry video on an Android device. Properly focus your camera, set the video quality, and try to shoot the video smoothly. Thus you can get clear videos on your Android phone. Besides, try the software on your computer to repair the blurry videos easily. Stay with AndroidTribe and get more helpful articles.

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