How to Find a Network Security Key on Android?

by John Smith

Do you want to connect your phone to a wireless network? Perhaps you want your phone to use as a hotspot. But wait, let me tell you something, not having an idea about the location of the network key can cause confusion. Thus, it’s essential for you to find a network security key on your android phone.

Now, it’s okay to forget the keys. You only update them once or twice a year. Is it possible to find them if you forget them? Yes, it’s possible to locate them. In fact, after reading this article, you can easily locate them on your phone and change them if you want to. 

The steps that we’re going to share will enlighten you on everything you need to know about the network keys. Also, that’ll be followed by a FAQ session which will clear out most of the confusion that you might face.  So, let’s get into the details. 

find a network security key

How to Find a Network Security key on Android: 5 steps

Each phone or router has this network key. It’s set by default. Moreover, they’re unique so no two phones can ever have the same network key. You can activate the data services on your android by clicking in the button mobile data. However, it’s not easy to find a network security key. 

What does it mean for you? If you want to use your phone as a hotspot, then it’s essential to know the network key. Also, using network keys will make other devices connect to your phone too. 

The devices connected to your phone can use the data services as well. But, it’ll only work if you have data in the first place.  So, let’s look at the 5 steps to find a network security key. You can enable a hotspot too if you want.

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1. Go to the Network Settings:

Step 1 for

Firstly, go to network settings. After that, select the portable and tethering option for a hotspot. 

2. Select the WLAN option:

After this, you’ll go to the WLAN or Wi-Fi hotspot option. The WLAN mode enables the hotspot so you have to press it. 

3. Find the Network Security Key:

When you press the WLAN option, the default network will appear. Here, you’ll find the network SSID (the network name), security type, network security key. 

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Turns out that every phone has a different and unique SSID and password for them. 

4. Modify the details. (If you want to):

You can change the passwords and the details of your phone. Thus, none can hack or access your data if you set up a strong password.  Change them and save them in the settings. 

5. Share the details with other devices:

If you share your password with other devices, then they can access and use the Internet from your mobile.  Finally, you have enabled the hotspot. Now, you can share the Internet with others.  But make sure there is Internet on your mobile because it won’t work otherwise. 

Network Security Key Mismatch. 

When we want to access the network for the Internet on other phones, we use the network keys as a password. However, sometimes errors occur which blocks you from getting that device’s internet. 

Why does mismatch happen? 

A mismatch can happen for many reasons. Sometimes it’s your phone and the other times it can happen due to the devices as well. The reasons are: 

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1. Incorrect Passwords:

The passwords used to give access to other phones have to be unique and different. If you don’t have the correct password, then you can’t get into other phones. 

Therefore, you should check if the password that you’re typing in is correct in the first place. You can save passwords in notebooks or in other documents. 

2. Incompatible Devices:

Some devices just don’t support the same network passwords. If your device doesn’t have the same network protocol, then it can’t connect to other devices. 

How to fix them? 

So, if you can’t connect your phone to other phones, then you can look at the following ways: 

  • Turn off your phone and restart again. 
  • If needed, turn off the phone that you want to connect to as well. 
  • After this, reset the passwords again. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Our Network Security Keys and Passwords the Same? 

They are the same. But their terminologies can be different. This depends on the makers and the environment they’re set in. 

Can you use the network security keys as passwords for hotspots? 

Yes, you can use the network security keys as a password for hotspots. 

Can you modify the keys and use them? 

Yes, you can modify the keys in the settings. 

Why are network security keys required? 

You need network security keys to pair an Android phone with another one. 


To sum up, network keys are unique passwords for each phone. You need to know them for pairing devices with others. From this article, you’ll know the location of the network key on your phone.

Not only will you know about the location but also about the mismatches that might happen by this key. But remember to choose a strong password if you ever considered changing them. Good Luck.

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