How To Connect 5ghz Wifi On Android? Quick Guidelines

by John Smith

Do you want to connect 5ghz wifi on android? Without high speed internet, we can’t use our android phone. Here we will share the procedure of changing the band to 5GHz. Many might think that they may have to change their devices. But you really don’t need to change your device. You only need to bring some changes to your router settings. This will allow you to use the 5GHz band network.

However, most of the android devices have the opportunity to use the 5GHz network at this time. If you have an old android smartphone, then you should check first whether his device supports 5GHz or not. It is better to choose 5GHz support Android device for those who are thinking of buying new devices.

How To Connect 5ghz Wifi On Android?

Connecting the 5GHz network on any android device, but your device must support the 5GHz network first. If the 5GHz does not support the device, then this network cannot be used. By the way, the router also must be supported by this network. Not all routers have the capacity to cover 5GHz WiFi. Note that all the latest gadgets have a 5G network system.

After transferring the band to 5GHz, you will be able to use 5G on an android device. So, have a look at the process below:

  • Go to the mobile settings option. Then click on WiFi. For any android device, this procedure is the same.
  • On the right side or left side above the page, click on the two or three dots.
  • A new drop-down list or menu may appear. Then click on the Advanced option.
  • Then click on the frequency band.
  • You can choose here 5GHz or 2GHz.
  • That’s it! You did it!

Then refresh your WiFi connection. It will change to a new band network. However, by following this above procedure, you can change the settings of the network of other electronic devices, like a laptop, Macbook, etc. The basic procedure is almost the same.

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how to connect 5ghz wifi on android

How To Connect 5ghz WiFi On Router?

The 2.4Ghz network was quite compatible and fast. It used to work well. But today’s more devices and connectivity made this network crowded. So, to overcome this problem, 5GHz has been launched. It is less interference and less crowded. So, the high data passing speed.

Now the android devices support the 5GHz network. For that, the WIFI router must support the 5GHz speed as well. Anyone check the manual of the router to be sure their router supports this network or not. Anyone can change the settings of the router too. So, have a look at the points below:

1. Sign Up To User Account

Sign Up To User Account

Open up the browser, and you have to provide an IP address to log in. Usually, it is behind the router written down. Even it can be on the manual of the router. Give a password and log in to the page of the router.

2. Open The Router Page

Open The Router Page

If the password is ok, the page will be shown. Then on the left side, you may see the advanced settings. Click on there. A drop-down list or menu will appear. Click on the wireless.

3. Advance Settings

Advance Settings

You have to make changes to convert 2.4GHz to 5GHz. So, after clicking on wireless, click on the wireless signal. Just below the wireless option. A new page will show.

4. Change The Settings

Change The Settings

On this new page, you have to bring changes. See the below to make the changes:

  • Disable the 2.4GHz and enable 5GHZ.
  • Change the wireless mode to 802.11oc.
  • Click on the channel- Manual.
  • Then click on channel width-20/40/80 MH2. For this, you have to disable the channel optimization option. This option is below the smart WiFi option.
  • Then select channel 48.
  • Then save the changes. That’s it!

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Difference Between 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz WiFi:

A 2.4GHz and 5GHz is the capacity of WiFi. Depending on this brand, the network speed and router capacity varies. The 2.4GHz band supports 600 Mbps or 450 Mbps. On the other hand, 5GHz supports 1300 Mbps. Even it can support 1Gbps. There is also another difference between 2.4GHz and 5GHz. 5GHz is more speedy than 2.4GHZ.

Though this 2.4GHz is used more than 5GHz. 2.4GHz is used in cordless phones, door openers, and many other devices. However, 2.4GHz covers longer ranges and can transmit through solid objects like walls. So, it can be considered as better for supporting long ranges. But still, it has disadvantages; most of the time, connections are dropped at and slower speed.

Though 2.4GHz has popularity and availability. Opposite, the 5GHz is less congested. It means it finds more connections, and the network doesn’t drop easily. And the speed is faster than 2.4GHz. Anyone who needs performance and high speed can use this network. But 5GHz also has disadvantages. It may not transmit through solid objects.

Besides, it is costly. It mostly covers shorter ranges. But anyone can alleviate this problem by using mesh network systems or range extenders though it means a huge investment. And also, the router already is 2.4GHz cannot be turned into 5GHz. The only router is a dual-band which can be turned into 5GHz. Still, it has become popular in recent times for the fastest speed.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

How do I force a device to connect to 5GHz WiFi?

If your router is dual band, it broadcasts both a 2. 4GHz and 5GHz signal. Most devices can connect to both frequencies but will automatically connect to the one with the strongest signal. First, to connect your device to the 5GHz frequency, you’ll need to go into the WiFi settings and select the 5GHz network over 2.4GHz.

Second, if not, try moving the router closer to the device or changing the channel that the router is using for 5GHz. Finally, you can try resetting the device or the router if all else fails.

Can I use 5GHz WiFi on my phone?

Yes, you can use 5GHz WIFI on your phone. Most newer phones support the 5GHz signal, which can offer up to three times faster than the older 2. 4GHz signal. However, not all devices support 5GHz, so be sure to check your phone’s specifications before trying to connect to a 5GHz network.

Why is my phone not connecting to 5GHz WiFi?

There are a few possible reasons why your phone may not connect to 5GHz WiFi. Another possibility is that your phone doesn’t support 5GHz WiFi. Another possibility is that the 5GHz WiFi signal is too weak. Finally, make sure that the 5GHz WiFi network is not hidden.


It is up to you what band you prefer most. The 5GHz is only for speed. But it has short ranges and is less congested. Whereas 2GHz has higher ranges and transmission.

However, for multi-purpose work on laptop or android devices, one needs a high-speed net. So, in that case, a 5GHz net is essential. Therefore, changes the band in your router first. Then you can use 5GHz on only Android devices but also other electronic devices.

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