How to Bypass Android Lock Screen Using Camera

by John Smith

Sometimes we cannot remember the password we set on the mobile for not any particular cause. Regarding this worse situation, we will tell you how to bypass Android lock screen using camera.

Most of us only know that if you happen to forget the lock screen password, there’s no way you can unlock it.

Well, by resetting the factory settings of the android mobile, you can access it. However, this will make you lose all the data your mobile contains. Besides, you don’t want that either as it’s not worth it.

Not to worry, android mobile has some particular security vulnerability that you can impose on. Thereby, exploiting those vulnerabilities, you can easily unlock your mobile without the password.

Thus, here are some guidelines to bypass the android lock screen using the camera without resetting the mobile.

Is It Possible to Bypass Android Lock Screen Via Camera?

Is It Possible to Bypass Android Lock Screen Via Camera

Of course, you can bypass the Android lock screen just by using the camera. That too also, without losing mobile memory data.

Well, it is a bit tricky as you cannot directly access the camera. So, you utilize the Emergency Dialer system first. And eventually, open the camera and unlock the security Password lock and disable it.

Therefore, this system is just one of the android vulnerabilities that even if the mobile is locked, you can simply make good use of this system bug.

Moreover, Google has availed additional features to enable android users to access the camera even if the screen is locked.

So, go forth and learn how to disable android screen lock using the camera.

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How to Bypass Android Lock Screen Using Camera?

People want to know “how to bypass android lock screen without losing data.” Now, I will show you the specific steps you can follow to bypass the android lock screen with the camera.

Here are the steps to follow-

  1. Start by taking the locked android phone that you forgot the password of and want to unlock.


  1. Now, select the Emergency Call option on the lock screen. Now, from the dial pad, type a sequence of numbers like, you can type approximately ten asterisk signs (*). Then, select all the characters you just typed, then just copy them from the highlighted options.


  1. After that, paste what you just copied on the dial field. Likewise, repeat pasting the characters and copying the corresponding characters again and again in the pad till you can no longer paste and copy anymore. Well, after continuing to paste and copy around 11 times, you won’t be able to do it again.


  1. Next, go the to lock screen again and swipe left to turn on the camera. At the same time scroll down the notification bar slide.


  1. After accessing the notification slide, click on the “Settings“. And again, the lock screen will pop up and ask for “Password“.


  1. Now, simply press on the dial field, hold, and paste the previously copied texts. Just simply repeat the preceding steps 2, 3 again. Then, continue copy-pasting till the password limit cursor is at the end, and exceeds its limit.


  1. Next is to wait as the System crash will occur and you will find that the lock screen icons are gone, and the screen is completely blank. Just a few moments later on the camera will also crash. And you will automatically go to the home screen. This means the screen lock feature has crashed successfully.


 So, this is possibly the easiest way to disable the screen lock system by just using a camera.

Facts: This may not work in some brand-new android devices (with Android 5.0 or the latest versions). As each update of the android version enhances the security system by fixing error bugs.

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Bypass Lock Screen With Android Unlocker:

If anyone faces difficulties unlocking a mobile screen using the camera, they can apply these tricks too. These tricks are also effective, legal, and safe for android phones. So, have a glance at the procedure below:

Screen Unlock App – PassFab:

As we said, the technique to disable the android lock screen using a camera may not work in every android.

To be more specific, mobile phones with the latest android version or the Android version after android 5.00 do not have that bug. So, we cannot take advantage of that camera using trick at all.

Can you not bypass the android lock screen via camera?  Regarding that, we have a professional way to bypass the android lock screen. That is PassFab Unlocker for android. With this tool, you can easily get through the lock screen.

Further, this software will work on any android device. As well as on other cell phones effectively. Hence, you do not need to fret over forgetting passwords or failing the camera bypass.

Thus, the instructions follow-

  • Download and install this PassFab software first on your Windows device (PC, Laptop).

PassFab 1

  • Grab a USB adapter to connect your android phone to your windows device (Laptop, Computer). After that, go to the PassFab Android Unlocker tool, and click on the “Remove Screen Lock” icon.

PassFab 2

  • After selecting the option, you will see a dialogue box hovering saying “Start” “Back”. Choose “Start”.

PassFab 3

  • Next, a warning dialog will appear saying removing the lock screen will erase all data on the android device. Select “Yes” to progress and click on “Start” again.

PassFab 4

  • Within a few moments, the mobile’s lock screen will get disabled and the software will say “Removed the Screen Lock Successfully!”. Now, you can click on “Done”.

PassFab 5

Facts: If you set up PassFab 4WinKey beforehand with you android mobile, you won’t need to lose all data.

Google Find My Phone:

The software Find My Phone is an essential and helpful app. With this app, one can find out the lost device. It can even perform other important tasks too. But in this article, we will disclose only the screen unlocking method.

This solution is mainly used by Samsung users. But other Android users can utilize it too. So, the steps are below-

  • Go to the Google Find Website using another device. Then log into the site with your Google account that is linked with your locked android device.
  • Now, choose the “Erase Device”. With this, all of the data of your locked device will be erased. Along with a lock system.

Erase Device 1

Using “Forgot Password” Options– The easiest way to reset or bypass the Android lock screen password or pattern is this one. Further, it is one of the best ways to reset lock screen passwords too. Moreover, you do not have to lose all your mobile data. Thus, the method to disable the android lock screen without resetting follows-

  • If you enter the wrong Password or pattern 5 times in the lock screen, then a new screen will pop up. On the screen, it will say “Try again after 30 seconds” with options of “Forgot Password”, “Cancel”, and “Emergency”. Just click on the “Forgot Password/Pattern”.
  • The interface will ask you to unlock your device by signing in you Google again. So, sign in, then you will be able to reset the password, and add a new one.

Erase Device 2

N.B.: It is one of the most favorable ways to change your password without having to reset any data or system of your android mobile.

Reset Factory System:

It is one of the most old-school methods you can use to bypass or disable the android lock screen. Therefore, this function will reset every data and system of your mobile and make your mobile as good as new. Here are the instructions –

Erase Device 3

  • Turn off your android mobile. After that click and hold the home, and both volume buttons altogether.
  • Next, click “Recovery Mode” from the bootloader menu.
  • Use volume buttons to select the “Wipe Data/Factory Reset” thus, your device will restart as your android mobile gets reset.
  • Give it a few minutes, and your phone will restart. All the data will be gone, but there won’t be any screen lock.

Before performing this, check your phone’s home button, volume, and power button. Different device models have other options. You mustn’t want any damage to your mobile, right?

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Universal Unlock Pin for Android:

The universal unlock pin for android is a mobile app that lets you create secret codes, passcode, and safe and secure pins to use. You can select one of these many password options or add up your own. This app supports Android 4.0 and higher devices, including tablet PC, smartphone, etc. Also, it supports as many password options for your untrusted friends or family and will open access to trust users.

Besides, you can convert various codes from other popular apps into this trusted Android shortcut pin code easily in a few seconds. You simply need to press the “unlock” button on an android device (or click once) and enter the secret key when prompted.

Final Thoughts

Forgetting a lock password is tormenting. That is why we offered the best solutions for bypassing Android lock screens using camera. In this technology-based world, passing a day without your android mobile is pretty much annoying.

Moreover, our android devices contain a lot of our personal and essential data. Besides, forgetting passwords gets us in the trouble of losing all those important data. That is why we showed you various techniques you can utilize to recover your mobile and bypass the android lock screen. 

Of course, some professional technicians can recover your android mobile data as well bypass the lock screen. But make sure those technicians are licensed and will not mess around with your important data.

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