How to Block a Number When Calling

by John Smith
how to block a number when calling

Getting phones calls from unknown or known friends or peoples is very common and simple things in our day-to-day life. Yeah, I enjoy that also. Making new friends, getting people closer it’s my hobby you may say. I know that there are too many people are there like me. I used the word “too many” because not everybody are the same.

Here I am going to tell you that how to block a number when calling on your phone. No matter, which brand May, you are using.

If you are right now facing problem like this then you are must be come here for the solution and I am promising that you are going to get the best solution from here.

How to Block a Number When Calling

There are so many ways to follow if you want block a number when calling. Here I am going to tell you some of the easiest ways that you might follow. Some steps might not work on the device you are using then you will have to apply the next option. That will going to help you to get the right solution.

How to block numbers on Android:

From the Call Log:
There are some android phone are available that you can block individually numbers from call list. Select the number that you want to block and hit “more” button or right top screen 3 dots for more option. There you will see the option to block the number and add that number to the reject list.

From The Contact List:
You can also block some numbers from the contact list. Here you will not have to show some skills. Just pull your contact list, long press to the number that you want block and tap on the top right look like pencil button. There you will see three dots icon and here you are on the goal. Tap all calls to Voice mails and you are done.

Blocking From Setting Menu:
This method is the most common method and most of the phone company uses this to block any number. You will have to just tap on the phone icon from the menu and tap the upper right corners three dots and open the setting there. After that your path will be settings> Call> Call Rejection> Auto Reject List> Create.  When you will tap on the “create” you will see, that a box will open and there you will have to put the number or the name that you want block.

Blocking Via App:
There are some people would like to get it done too more quickly and easily. Well, this option is for them and this method is very much loveable by other users. Because it’s very much comfortable and easy to use and get the task done very quickly. Yes, I am talking about the blocking calls by the apps. Most of the android users are prefer to use the app to do that.

Block Calls via Your Carrier:
If you are facing problems due to your phone, or your phone do not supports all those systems than you may take the help from your carriers. Most of the carriers will give you these services. Sprint and Verizon offers you to block some unwanted calls. However, there are some terms and condition are there. You may block five numbers at time and you will have to re-block them in 90 days on Verizon carriers. AT&T will charge you $5 per month to use this features and unfortunately, T-Mobile carrier don’t allow to block any numbers.

How to block numbers on iPhone?

If you want to block unwanted calls from your Iphone, which is iOS 7, or later version, it will be very easy task.
Simply open the phone app and go to recent tab, which is located at the very bottom. Now tap on the “I” symbol next to the number and scroll down to block this caller and tap on it and confirm it. Therefore, you are done.
If you are using iOS 6 or earlier then it could be tough somehow but it is not impossible. You can block even you are user of iOS 6 or earlier version user. You will have to jailbreak your iPhone and have to use third party apps. However, I would strongly recommend that don’t do that because that’s risky and it will damage your official warranty also.

How to block numbers on Windows Phone?

Windows phone do have very simple way to block the unwanted calls. If you are a windows Phone user, then you will have to follow the following rules to block the disturbing numbers.

Open the “Settings” menus, then tap on the “Call+SMS Filter” then accept the terms and condition if you are using for first time. Now turn on the toggle and allow blocking numbers. Now add the numbers to the blocked list. Go to your call list, then long press to the number that you want to block then hit the block option and accept the confirmation.

Some App that you may use to block unwanted calls.

For android operating system, Should I Answer? Safest Call Blocker, Mr. Number, Call Control and many more like this.
For iOS operating system, Mr. Number, True Caller, You Mail, Hiya Call Security, Trap Call and many more app are there for iPhone.

Getting in touch is always very good for everything and sometimes ignorance needed in our daily life. Someone can get angry with you for neglecting them but you know the best thing is suitable for you. Here we are at the end part and hope you may have found the solution that you were looking for.

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