How to add Bitmoji keyboard to Android? Easy Tips

by John Smith

Bitmoji is now a popular app for Smartphone that allows you to enjoy a personalized avatar with own facial features. Then you can use the avatar as emojis that are known as Bitmojis. However, sending messages and Bitmojis to friends is enjoyable. Now it is one of the most-used apps for Android devices.

For the new users, it is essential to know how to add Bitmoji keyboard to Android Smartphones. You can add this app to any social media app such as Messenger, Snapchat, etc. From this article, you can learn the easiest way to add a Bitmoji keyboard to your Android device.

How to add Bitmoji keyboard to Android Smartphone

What is Bitmoji?

Bitmoji is an app from Bitstrips. This app allows users to create their comics. However, with this app, you can create your cartoons and use them on various social media. The service is straightforward and easy. So, make your avatar of expressions, reactions, and comics as you wish. After that, share them in the message, email, or other social media accounts to express yourself.

Nowadays, this Bitmoji is a popular application among the people of the world. It provides extra thrill when you are bored with the available emojis on the apps available on your Smartphone. Besides, the company always brings updates and new features, themes for various events and holidays.

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How to create a Bitmoji account?

You can easily install and use Bitmoji on your Android device. Besides, you can add this app as a Bitmoji extension of the Chrome browser. However, this app is free for Android to download. After downloading and installing this app, you have to log in to it. For this, create an account by using your email or other social media account such as Snapchat.

When you need to sign up, write the required information and then logged in. Then you can create your Bitmojis. You can customize the avatar by selecting the eye colour, hairstyle, face shape, and many more. Besides, you can avoid the emojis that you have made and can keep the Bitmojis that satisfy you.

How to add Bitmoji keyboard on Android?

Bitmoji keyboard helps you to use the avatar that you create in the messaging apps on your phone. With Bitmoji, you can send one/two images on apps of your Android device. So, you can consider this keyboard as a great practical solution for online conversations. However, the process of adding a Bitmoji keyboard on an Android device is at the below:

  • At first, download Bitmoji the app on your device. After downloading and installing this app on your device, you will find a green-white app icon with smiley emoji on your phone. For first-time users, the login process is essential to create an avatar.

  • Now click on the three dots icon at the up-right corner of the screen to open the drop-down menu.

  • Now tap the Settings option from the menu to go to the Settings option of the Bitmoji app.

  • Under this menu, you will see Bitmoji Keyboard. Then tap on it.

  • Now, you have to enable the keyboard. You will find it at the bottom side of the screen with a green button. When you tap it, it redirects you to the keyboard settings of your phone.
  • Now you have to turn on the switch of the Bitmoji Keyboard. When you do this, it will redirect you to the app. In some devices, you will find sliding options, and for some devices, you will find a box containing the turn-on switch. So, confirm this step according to your device.
  • Then tap the Finish button in the up-right corner of the screen and complete the process.

How to use Bitmoji on Android?

Using Bitmoji is easy to work. For this, download and install this application from Google Play Store on your Android device first. Then follow the steps below to use this app.

Log in to the Bitmoji app with any messaging app such as Snapchat or your Email. While providing the information during sign-up, you should select your gender. Then you have to design your avatar character. You can add specific details such as hairstyle, eye shape, skin tone, jaw shape, outfit, etc. Then save the avatar. However, you can edit your avatar to make it different in the future. For this, you can use the edit option.

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Now connect your Bitmoji to any apps such as Messenger or Snapchat. For this, click on the icon of a social media app. If you use this app before, you need not log in again to open this app. Now tap the profile icon to unlock your profile page. On this page, you will find Add Bitmoji option. When you tap on it, another page comes with asking you to agree and make the connection between Messenger and Bitmoji. Now Bitmoji is ready to use on your Messenger. Send the avatar as emoji in your messages.

Bitmoji is a funny app that gives us an enjoyable online conversation. Creating your own avatar is interesting. So, you can add Bitmoji on Android device and enjoy it.

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