The Best Free VPN for Android In 2022

by John Smith
Best Android VPN

VPN is a virtual private network tool for a free proxy that opens the virtual world for you. You can’t access some websites or a group of contains the site for political or commercial reasons. So, you need the best free VPN for android device, because it allows you to visit the websites avoiding all kind of restrictions imposed on your locations by the site or by your countries. You can get all your information from the online by hiding your real IP address and your location by using a VPN.

Now we need to protect our personal information because cyberpunks are ready to take your footprint to trace you. They always want your valuable information like bank information, credit card information and others. You can keep yourself safe by using any VPN tools. When you use a proxy app, you’ll have a new IP address and location automatically whenever you connect to the app. it gives you the high-speed Internet with unlimited bandwidth from several servers from different countries.

The latest and best android VPN adds more regions to provide its users with more flexible user experiences by fixing bugs. The data encryption system of the app is most secure with military-level security strengths the privacy of your data and activities. The article is about the coolest VPN app for Android.

Top Rated Best Free VPN for Android

Android is one of the most popular OS for the smartphone. So, Many companies are developing VPN apk version for the smartphone. Today, we come with some top rated free VPN for android phone. Let’s start,

#1 Snap VPN

Snap VPN

Snap VPN is one of the best android vpn apps in the play store. Over 10 million installations with 4.6 ratings from the satisfied users. The app is a free tool to keep your privacy. All connected Co. Ltd offers this useful app with the latest version and updated features. The last and updated version gets released on May 26, 2017. The updated version came with fixing the bugs and adds more server locations in the United States of America and some other European countries. The reduced size also consumes the less space of your storage. The app is compatible with all available operating systems for mobiles like Android, Blackberry, iOS, and Windows. But the PC version of Snap VPN is currently unavailable.

Snap VPN is free for users with unlimited usage. There is no trial version or period for the app which makes it early popular to the VPN users. You can get a high-speed internet connection which is a significant concern for the potential and existing users. The app enlightens your world by connecting fast with the apps. Free VPN proxy by Snap VPN is a fast growing app in the google play store in the category of productivity. It is also a cost-free app to secure your virtual life.

The app has an easy and secure one-click auto connection with a user-friendly interface. It requires no username, no registration, and no password or email address. You need to log in the app to get a new location and IP address. The app has a stable and better performance compared to many other VPN services. It can bypass the firewalls of the devices as there is no need to scan virus, malware or AdWords. The most annoying thing about the app is that it contains advertisements.

Snap VPN will unblock any sites with its proxy server. You can even access restricted sites by using the app. It also protects your network traffic under Wi-Fi hotspot so that you can use the public Wi-Fi anonymously and securely without keeping your footprint. You can use it all available networks such as mobile data, LTE, 3G, 4G, and Wi-Fi. The app uses VPN protocols (UDP/TCP) to encrypt your data.

#2 VPN Master


VPN Master is a faster and easier VPN. The cost-effective VPN can secure you from any interruption by encrypting your connections. The average rate of 4.5 on the Google play store and more than 10 million users love to install the app to secure their virtual life. The VPN is compatible with all operating systems such as Android, iOS, windows, and blackberry. The simple setup of VPN Master gives you secure log-in and connection to the servers.

The app requires no username, no password and no registration which can make many new users disappointed about using the app. You just install and click on the app to connect from different servers and use various software. You will get high-speed Internet by using VPN Master though many VPN can slow down internet speed.  The app is a network category license free app with more than 35 languages as English is the default language.

The best free VPN for Android has the security level of the app up to 98% safe. The latest version gets released on May 19, 2017. VPN Master is scan free for spyware, adware, malware, and virus. You should install or update your antivirus protection to keep your device smooth and risk-free. The free version of the VPN is free and will be free. You have to expense your penny if you want to upgrade it as the author says. ALL Connected CO.Ltd releases the iOS version of VPN Master. The iOS version requires 8.0 or later which is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

#3 Hammer VPN


Hammer VPN enhances the productivity of your VPN. Sometimes VPN fails to dictate the actual threat to your online activity. Hackers use the advanced method of technology DPI which means Deep Packet Inspection to trace your activity. Even DPI can trace you if you use a VPN. Hammer VPN is an anti-DPI technology which you can use instead of your VPN to increase your protection. It can restructure your traffic header to hide your activity successfully. Though you have to use a stronger VPN, it never blows down your internet speed.

Hackers are even stronger than many of the organization. They always update their policy and way of hacking with the upgrading of the security system. So, they always try a new method to steal your valuable information. These hackers  can detect your activity and behavior such as which apps you use. Even every VPN can’t protect you from the trace of the cyberpunks completely. It is an excellent opportunity to prepare your protection by using the best VPN.

Hammer VPN Anti DPI updated version requires some information to install. You have to permit the app to open network sockets as it can protect your traffic. The app needs access information about Wi-Fi networks of your device to keep secure you when you use public Wi-Fi. It also requires access to read from external storage of your device which storage is removable.

Sometimes the app needs to write on your external and removable storage. Be sure that it never write on your external storage without your prior permission. The most annoying program of the app is that it contains advertisements. If you want to avoid the advertisements, you have to pay $3.95 per month to use the app.

Hammer VPN  AntiDPI VPN
Hammer VPN  AntiDPI VPN
Developer: TunnelGuru
Price: Free

Final Words

VPN encrypts your data which is unbreakable and safe from the hackers. Your data are completely safe which never keeps a single sign of your activity. So, it gives you the ultimate protection of your data. It scans anti-virus, malware, and AdWords which can harm to your device. The app removes all unwanted threats and programs from your device to keep it cool and fast.

The best free VPN for android is the best option to protect your privacy when you browse the Internet on your mobile. You will get full protection for your privacy and personal information from hackers. A minimum size of the app can save your memory storage and can gear up the speed of your RAM. You can also save the APK file for the further use of the app.

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